Staying Focused and Branching Out – Are Both Possible?

Focus is both a strength and a weakness of mine.

When I am involved in a project, and determined to see it through to completion, my focus is incredible.

But I also have so many interests, that it is easy for me to lose focus and go off in new directions before I have finished a long task.

Completing projects is a skill I’ve worked at for a long time.  It takes discipline, and it is so satisfying to present a finished work to the world.

But here’s the catch:  projects I’ve completed include

  • Mrs. Middlejoy Chapter Books, written and published
  • Read-Aloud, Read-Along Books of poetry and stories, written and published
  • An adult reader for students of English as a foreign language.
  • Children’s Songs written, arranged, published and recorded as sheet music or video
  • Songs–both my own and covers of pop/country/jazz standards–recorded and posted on ReverbNation.
  • Videos of my songs – or ways of teaching others’ songs for children.
  • Books edited, formatted and published for others
  • Websites designed, and kept up for church and volunteer groups
  • A family history site with photo essays featuring my mom and dad
  • Free-lance articles with web content as varied as plumbing and home-health nurses.

And right now, I’m involved in blogging daily about a 21-Day weight loss challenge I’ve taken on.  Not to mention crafting comments for my Facebook friends and daily tutoring of English as a foreign language with a lot of them.

Does that satisfy my urge for creativity? 

In many, many ways yes.  But there is always that unfinished project, that new idea that could really go somewhere….

So I ask:  Is it even possible to stay focused and still branch out into new creative areas?

I’d love to hear what my friends think.  Please comment!

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I Can’t Believe I Just Did That!

It was bound to happen.

A post I wrote only for myself, and for my friends (A weight loss group) was just accidentally posted on this site!

I’m deleting it, but I WILL make it available on another blog that deals with that.

To my followers who are interested in my writing process – I apologize if what I sent out was a peek into my psyche.

I’m not taking back a single word of what I said – but I will post it where I feel it will do the most good.

Thank you, my friends!

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A Children’s Poem for the Fourth of July

True story: I sat down at my computer to do some editing and this program (MuseScore) just opened up. I honestly don’t know how, because I don’t have it on my start page or work bar. But, remembering that I had written this last year, I put “Fourth of July” into the search box. This came up. I almost cried listening to it. It isn’t just the nostalgia. I really do love my country.

Susan Call Hutchison

The Memory of a Song

Since this is my “Author Site,” I like to talk about how my poems and stories came to be.  The poem I just posted on Read-Aloud, Read-Along with Susan Call Hutchison started a long time ago.

I was no more than 8 years old, when I wrote a little song, “Swing High on the Fourth of July.” Swing High on the Fourth of July!

No big surprise, I was swinging at the time, in a backyard swing at my Uncle and Aunt’s.  My father, mother, sisters, cousins and my grandparents were there for a Fourth of July picnic.

Dad and Uncle Bill were setting up the charcoal grill.  Grandma had made her famous potato salad, and somehow Aunt Joanne was keeping an eye on all of us kids, and getting everything ready for an outdoor celebration.

My nickname back then was Skeeter.  Daddy said I couldn’t stay in one place longer than…

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