Birthday Free Giveaway: Download All SCH Books FREE June 6

Birthday Giveaway RARAToday I’m linking you to my Read-Aloud, Read-Along site, where I’ve announced my birthday present to all my readers.

Please take this opportunity to download my books, and let your friends know about this once-a-year chance to read all my published work for free.

This has been a wonderful year:  the year I saw my dream to be a published author come true.  I would love to share my books with as many people as possible.  They are short, sweet, and easy to read.  As you read them, you may remember when you began reading.  And you may think of some learning reader you would like to share them with.  Please do.

One thing I would love for my birthday, is a bunch of reviews on Amazon.

Please have a wonderful summer, and don’t forget to Read Aloud!


Susan Call Hutchison


About Susan Call Hutchison

A self-publishing author, editor and blogger. I have years of experience working one-on-one with readers and translators of English, at all levels of competence. My books include the Read-Aloud, Read-Along series and Mrs. Middlejoy's Church Mouse Adventures chapter books. I run an internet business from my home in Idaho and I tutor students learning English as a foreign language. Fostering literacy is my passion. I work to help families read, learn and enjoy creative time together.
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2 Responses to Birthday Free Giveaway: Download All SCH Books FREE June 6

  1. Flora Poste says:

    Happy Birthday, Susan. And what a generous gesture to the world on your birthday! I Hope you will get lots of presents too. Have a wonderful day! Johanna.

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