Free Halloween Treat: Mrs. Middlejoy and the Haunted Churchyard

I’ve been waiting almost a year to be able to make Mrs. Middlejoy and the Haunted Churchyard
free for Halloween!
 This is the spooky-fun second book in the series of the adventures of my Church Mouse, Mrs. Middlejoy.

Her first adventure, Mrs. Middlejoy and the Minister’s Cat (A Christmas Story), was free for five days last year at Christmastime, and went to the top of the Amazon Charts.  I got some beautiful reviews, and I appreciate so much my readers sharing the news about the freebie.

This year, I’ve had the chance to record some music to go along with the Christmas book, and I’ve posted some of it on YouTube and my Mrs. Middlejoy and the Church Mice website.

October’s spooky beauty also inspired me to get busy and write some Halloween Songs!

Mrs. Middlejoy and the Church Mice Sing Halloween:  Susan Call Hutchison

Nothing is recorded yet or put in video form, but I couldn’t resist posting the music I DID get ready in sheet music form.  So, if any of you read music, have fun!

Haunted Graveyard Scream sheet music:  Words and Music by Susan Call HutchisonHaunted Graveyard Scream sheet music page 2Haunted Graveyard Scream sheet music page 3Haunted Graveyard Scream sheet music page 4Haunted Graveyard Scream sheet music page 5Five Little Pumpkins sheet music:  Susan Call HutchisonFive little Pumpkins sheet music page 2Five Little Pumpkins sheet music page 3Have You Seen the Ghost of the Cat  Halloween Round adapted for Church MiceHave You Seen the Ghost of the Cat sheet music page 2

Even More Halloween Fun

That’s all I’ll post here today.  But I have two more songs I’ll post soon on my Read-Aloud, Read-Along blog, because they were first published as poems in Year-Round Read-Aloud, Read-Along Rhymes: Celebrating Holidays and Seasons.  They’ve always been songs, though — songs I wrote for my little girl, more than twenty five years ago.

Hope this makes your Halloween Happy!  And hopefully, I will have an album out by next Halloween.

But for now, don’t forget to grab your FREE copy of  Mrs. Middlejoy and the Haunted Churchyard, It will be free through Saturday, 2 November.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


About Susan Call Hutchison

A retired educator, a current homemaker, and a life-long musician, I have written, arranged and performed music and directed choirs for decades. I love learning almost as much as teaching. I took up my dream instrument, violin/fiddle, at the age of 65. My blog and digital sheet music store,"Good Old Tunes," grew out of my search for easy-to-play tunes and well-harmonized duets. In addition to arranging music, I am also a self-publishing author and editor. My books include the "Read-Aloud, Read-Along" series and "Mrs. Middlejoy's Church Mouse Adventures" chapter books.
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14 Responses to Free Halloween Treat: Mrs. Middlejoy and the Haunted Churchyard

  1. You are a multi-talented lady and I wish you all the best success on everything you imagine and create. happy halloween my friend and ca’t wait to see the xmas mice again.

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  3. Sheryl says:

    The Halloween songs are so much fun! . . I’d never previously thought about what color the ghost of a cat would be. 🙂

    I don’t have a Kindle so I can’t grab the book, but I like the way you share some of your books at holidays.

  4. gpcox says:

    I don’t have your talent, ut I sure can appreciate it. You’re a lucky woman.

  5. You are so amazing! I love your talent and your generous heart. You have such a beautiful and joyful spirit.

  6. Flora Poste says:

    ♬♬♬What a kind and generous gift!!! ♬♬♬And you are so talented. I do not have a kindle but I enjoyed the website and the youtube videos. A gift to the world, Susan, you can be proud of yourself! Hugs from Johanna

  7. April Eight says:

    You are a superstar and a sweetheart! I love what you create.

  8. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you for writing which is quite good and best wishes always, and greetings

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