A Children’s Poem for the Fourth of July

True story: I sat down at my computer to do some editing and this program (MuseScore) just opened up. I honestly don’t know how, because I don’t have it on my start page or work bar. But, remembering that I had written this last year, I put “Fourth of July” into the search box. This came up. I almost cried listening to it. It isn’t just the nostalgia. I really do love my country.

Susan Call Hutchison

The Memory of a Song

Since this is my “Author Site,” I like to talk about how my poems and stories came to be.  The poem I just posted on Read-Aloud, Read-Along with Susan Call Hutchison started a long time ago.

I was no more than 8 years old, when I wrote a little song, “Swing High on the Fourth of July.” Swing High on the Fourth of July!

No big surprise, I was swinging at the time, in a backyard swing at my Uncle and Aunt’s.  My father, mother, sisters, cousins and my grandparents were there for a Fourth of July picnic.

Dad and Uncle Bill were setting up the charcoal grill.  Grandma had made her famous potato salad, and somehow Aunt Joanne was keeping an eye on all of us kids, and getting everything ready for an outdoor celebration.

My nickname back then was Skeeter.  Daddy said I couldn’t stay in one place longer than…

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About Susan Call Hutchison

A retired educator, a current homemaker, and a life-long musician, I have written, arranged and performed music and directed choirs for decades. I love learning almost as much as teaching. I took up my dream instrument, violin/fiddle, at the age of 65. My blog and digital sheet music store,"Good Old Tunes," grew out of my search for easy-to-play tunes and well-harmonized duets. In addition to arranging music, I am also a self-publishing author and editor. My books include the "Read-Aloud, Read-Along" series and "Mrs. Middlejoy's Church Mouse Adventures" chapter books.
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2 Responses to A Children’s Poem for the Fourth of July

  1. Shirley Morgan says:

    Hello Susan I belong to a quilting group ‘Church Mice Quilters’ in Victoria, Australia. I am as a surprise,making a mini Church Mice Choir for a Christmas display. Please tell me how I can obtain music (CD) and video of ‘Mrs. Middlejoy and the Church Mice Sing Christmas’. My mice will love this. I was sooo excited to find your site.

    • Shirley, it’s so nice to meet you! I don’t have a CD yet, but I do have videos on YouTube. They are The Carol of the Church Mice, O Christmas Tree and Jingle Bells. You can also see and hear them all at http://mrsmiddlejoy.com/music-and-videos/ . I have recorded Jolly Old St. Nicholas and The Twelve Days of Christmas with my mice, and I may get videos of those up in time for Christmas this year! My mice would be honored to be a background voice for your display. If you would rather just have the mp3 files instead of the YouTube videos, please message me at susancallhutchison@gmail.com. ❤

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