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My main blog is Read-Aloud, Read-Along with Susan Call Hutchison:  Children’s eBooks and Family Fun.  Each post shares something (usually a poem)  from one of my books for learning readers, and then suggests an idea of crafts, recipes, or other projects to incorporate into Family Read-Aloud Time.  I also review and recommend children’s ebooks, and have a section that links to my favorite blog that promote literacy, early childhood learning and creativity.

I also blog at Sue Scribbles, which is more of a personal musing.  I’ve written about an artist friend who is creating despite the conditions in a high security prison, and I’ve written about making decorations for my church Valentine’s Dance.  If there’s a theme, it’s the joy I take in interacting with others and my delight in their creative solutions to life.  But that’s evolving.  Update:   Sue Scribbles has moved to a fun new WordPress site.

I am putting together a  blog, Our Family History Site mostly for my daughters, to share my collection of family photos, and tell the story of them while someone still remembers.  My dad turned 88 at the end of March, and I spent the four Sunday’s in March putting up his life story in photos.  On Mother’s Day, I posted a tribute to my mother who died in 1974.

And I’m having a blast with Our Hutchison Family Cookbook, learning to organize and edit my collection of family recipes.  This one is definitely for my daughters, Linda and Julia.

7 Responses to Where I Blog

  1. mamaccgrame2 says:

    I like the Simple Song #2, the other are a little too repetitious. I think the Simple Song is very nice and lets the kids know what is good with a cheery attitude.

    • Thank you for your feedback! I can’t believe I missed this comment — something that’s been here since May 1! I checked out your blog, and found out we are sisters in the Gospel. I’ll be following you now. Love, Susan

  2. Judy Guion says:

    I truly believe that the stories and traditions of our families hold us together like glue. Why don’t you record your father’s memories of his life – not just the high points but the everyday events too, because in 40 years they will be fascinating- ) While you’re at it, why not record other family memories – from those old and young – to record the passage of time. Do you think that your grandchildren might enjoy listening to their great-grandfather tell stories of his childhood, what school was like, what games he played, what foods he ate – the list goes on and on. Oh, and don’t forget stories of when he or his siblings got into trouble – people are the same – they may have different colored skin, or hair, nationality or country, but the basic emotions of love, fear, anger, relief and so many more, transcend and are universal.

    • Judy, these are wonderful ideas. I’m going to put my dad’s personal story in another post. His sister wrote a huge memoir of her life, that includes so much of what you have written about. It’s a precious document in our family.

  3. You are one busy woman, Susan. You must be a fast writer. I will poke around more at your site, but it’s past time to go to bed and I’ll be sorry tomorrow if I don’t shut down. What lovely work you do for children and families, including your own. I especially want to look at what you write at Sue Scribbles. It’s good to remember that one important reason I write about my my husband and family is to preserve the shared memories and stories for my sons.

  4. April Eight says:

    Susan, WOW! You are busy and ambitious. Such lovely heart-felt projects. What a wonderful contribution you are to our world. oxoxoxxoxo APRIL

    • Thank you, April Eight! As a young woman, I never could have dreamed this was how I would be able to spend my retirement. Come to think of it, I couldn’t have imagined a YEAR ago all the wonderful friends I would make on the Internet. Thanks for enjoying my site!

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